Friday, July 29, 2011

Buying Tools and Equipment with a Merchant Cash Advance

Why is it that only some people are able to take advantage of great deals while others are left wishing for the wherewithal to advance their lives and businesses? It’s true that there are plenty of ways to save money — if your business has the cash on hand to spend when the timing is right. But if it seems that the only time a good deal comes along is precisely when your business is in the weeds, consider using a Merchant Cash Advance Company to buy the tools or equipment available to those who can close the deal when it’s offered.

Great deals on new and used equipment, be it business tools like software, new computers and/or office equipment, or tools and machinery specific to your business, e.g., lawnmowers for landscapers, dishwashers for restaurants, inventory and equipment for automobile related businesses, day-care operators and salons, etc., are available through a variety of sources. Some deals may be had throughout the year, while others are best purchased at the end of a season or at the start of a new product launch. Still other deals are won simply by being in the right place at the right time—with cash in hand. For example, when attending a trade show, make your best business deal on the last day. Come Sunday, the last thing a manufacturer’s rep wants to do is crate up and ship home the equipments he’s been demonstrating all weekend.

If your business can’t afford this latest model, consider picking up last year’s release. If the equipment will enhance and/or improve your business, it’s an investment and a good use of a Merchant Cash Advance.

Buying used (pre-owned) machinery, tools and equipment can save money on expansion costs, increase productivity, business assets and net worth.

Look for nearly new equipment from bankruptcies, repossessions, plant liquidations and over-stocked inventory. Find these deals on the websites of business associations and user-groups specific to your business. While searching and interacting with your business peers, don’t forget to place an ad for Equipment Needed.

In addition, check out auctions, either online or live. Equipment here sells at a fraction of the original price, though be aware that this purchase is “as is.” Still, ask questions, negotiate repairs and have cash on hand to buy right then. Good buying is all about good timing.

Buying straight from the dealer may be another way to use a Merchant Cash Advance to make the best deal. As always, get references for new dealers.

Create a calendar of best times to buy and be prepared with investment cash to shop for appliances and health insurance in the fall. In winter, look for linens (including towels), carpeting and flooring. According to the American Home Furnishing Alliance, new furniture styles hit the showrooms in February, therefore expect to cash in on discounts of 10% to 50% on furniture in January. Also, because the Consumer Electronics Show and Photo Marketing Association conventions are held in mid-winter, which means new camera models arrive at retailers to coincide, why not pick up a deal on last year’s digital camera models?

Come spring, look for winter and cold weather uniforms in order to stock up on supplies of hats, gloves and jackets. Be sure to check in with your business’ promotional products vendor for deals on screen printing and embroidery. These businesses are gearing up for summer but should have time and winter stock to sell at a bargain.

Finally, summer is another good time to buy furniture because the industry releases new models in both February and August. Summer is also a good time to buy office supplies, and, around Labor Day, to pick up summer-weight uniforms.

The way a Merchant Cash Advance works, your business gets the lump sum of capital needed right away. Spend that on whatever auto-related purchase your business needs. Then over time, the obligation is handled through your credit card processor and normal sales activity. (Learn more about how a Merchant Cash Advance works.)


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