Monday, February 28, 2011

Entrepreneurial Ideas from around the world

Looking to start, grow or expand your business? Looking for that million dollar idea? Need some inspiration? Take a look at SpringWise,

The site lists entrepreneurial ideas from around the world. It is updated daily using a network of 8,000 “Springspotters” from over 70 countries. You can sign up for a free weekly email or go to the site and see weekly updates or search by category.

Not interested in searching? They have compiled a Top 20 business ideas & opportunities for 2011:

One interesting restaurant-related idea is, Grub with Us, they organize 'social meals' designed to “build friendship over food at restaurants that you've voted to be on the site.”

A simple marketing idea - bring like-minded people together for a meal and offer them something they will be interested in. If you are a restaurant owner, think, Sport lovers Monday, Dog Lovers Tuesday, Wine lovers Wednesday…or go with the food, Nacho lovers Thursday, Pizza lovers Friday…or perhaps, for date night, Saturday, offer an early bird for those movie lovers (with a promise to get them fed in time for the previews).

For Sunday, well…mix up your favorite, end of the week drink and give it a snazzy name. Do something for those special occasions, take the green beer, St.Patrick’s Day idea to other celebrations like, Mother’s day Mango Margarita ( or Mozarella sticks, if you are going with the food theme), Valentine’s day Vesuvio ( or Tax Day Tender Loving Care (

Check out more restaurant-related ideas at, or some marketing ideas at,

Even if you do not find any inspiration for your next big thing, perhaps a savings tips for a budding financial guru in your life, or a charity you can get on board with,

Other business idea sites are;, and

What business idea did you like?