Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome to the “Merchant Cash Advance Info” Blog

This is a blog about Merchant Cash Advances for Small Business Owners.

Being in the business of alternative funding, we’d like to think that everyone knows what a Merchant Cash Advance is and how it works. But feedback from our sales teams, the media, alliance partners and the thousands of small business owners that we deal with every week indicates otherwise.

There is still a lack of awareness, knowledge and understanding about a Merchant Cash Advance. This is causing confusion about the basics of the product, its pros and cons, and how it can help (or why it could hurt) small business owners. It seems that there is a gap between what many business owners believe or expect and the reality of what this is, and how it works.

Seems like a perfect reason for us to start this blog…to open up the lines of communication to close that gap. Offering more information about financial options seems especially pertinent during these turbulent economic times, as the “credit crunch” continues to limit access to money for consumers and business owners.

Why this blog is here.

Our purpose in writing this blog is to inform. We will be providing complete information, delivered in a simple, straightforward manner. We’ll use an open discussion forum so that readers can benefit from multiple perspectives. Our goal is helping them better understand the various aspects of Merchant Cash Advances and how the small business community is using this “working capital alternative” to its greatest advantage.

The issues discussed in this blog will focus on improving a business owner’s total understanding of what a Merchant Cash Advance is, what it does, and how it can help his or her business. To balance the scales, we will also discuss under what circumstances a Merchant Cash Advance may not be the right alternative, and why.

Other important issues facing small businesses might also be discussed in this blog. Topics will be offered, but we invite your suggestions and/or questions. Feedback is definitely welcomed and encouraged.

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